Technological solution

1. How can I exactly estimate my profit?

Let’s take the example of a typical house in Greece -house of 120 m2- and a water boiler of 120 l. On average, during the winter (5 months), you need about 2,5 tons of heating oil for 10 hours of operation per day. If the price (30.05.2012) is 0,92 euro/liter, then it is about 2300 euro or 460 euro per month.
Alternatively, for the same house you will need an ion heater with maximum consumption 9 KW. The Ion heater does not operate all the time. It operates on average only ¼ up to 1/3 of the heating time. This means that for every hour of operation, it ‘consumes’ electrical energy only 15-20 minutes or in total 3 hours for the 10 hours of daily operation. Thus the consumption of the electrical energy is 1,3 euro/ΚWh Χ 3 hours = 3,9 euros per day. For 30 days of operation is (3,9 Χ 30) 117 euro per month. You save – for this case - (460 - 117) 343 euro per month!

2. What changes should be made in the house?

You don’t need to change the radiators, tubes or anything else. The boiler is placed and connected in the existing heating system of the house. If you wish, the ion heater may operate at the same time with the existing heating systems (oil, pellet, natural gas etc). The water for the heating bodies is replaced by a special ecological fluid which protects the tubes and the thermal bodies from pollution. You can use this fluid with any other heating system – either it is oil, pellet or natural gas.

3. Does it take time to install?

The whole process lasts 2 hours or less. It does not make a mess of your house (difficult or big operations are not required) and you can directly enjoy the new boiler.

4. Do we need a special license or check from a governmental body?

No license or check is necessary for the installation – use of the boiler.

5. Is it a safe heating system?

The safety of the system is sure since it doesn’t consist of unstable materials and no harmful radiation is emitted.

6. Do we have to inform the installer of the previous boiler?

No, the installation is performed by specialized personnel and there is a guarantee of 10 years good operation.