Technological solution

Alternative way of heating.

Money-saving at the heating of the house with the new ion heaters of GALAN. We manage to reach up to 60% saving in comparison to conventional oil boilers. The GALAN ion heaters have low installation cost, zero maintenance cost and are easy to install. Since you don’t need to convert the existing heating system, they are the ideal solution of heating and are strongly recommended in case you want to disengage from the central heating of the building.


- It doesn’t require a chimney, nor a tank.   
- It doesn’t require monthly maintenance
- It operates simply with the water network.
- It is noiseless.
- It can be installed in the already existing installations.
- It requires little space for placement (just 1 m2).
- It is eco-friendly (100% recyclable).
- If combined with a PV system, it can provide complete energy freedom in heating.
- Its operation is simple and easy with the digital control panel or remote operation with your cell phone.


The heating procedure with ion heater is totally different and is carried out by using the electrical power as energy source. The heater technology is what makes it so inexpensive. Positive and negative ions on the heat transporter move towards the corresponding electrodes and this is how heat is provided. This is the reason why the ion heater may produce heat in a very short time and this way, heat directly the specific fluid and the radiator. It is much quicker and certainly much more cost-effective than any other old-generation heating system.


With GALAN technology, immediate depreciation is succeeded due to the low price of the heater (always in relation to the space we have to heat) and the direct saving we have from the minimum power consumption in comparison to oil or natural gas.