Technological solution

TECHNOLYSIS, with 25 years of experience in the field of green energy, industrial automation and electro-mechanological and feasibility studies, can offer the appropriate solution for every energy issue. With substantial knowledge and experience in the field, we always cooperate with the best technicians  and use only high quality materials. Thus, we complete every project assigned to us, successfully, effectively and responsibly. In particular our activities concern mainly:

Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Installations

Integrated solutions on photovoltaic roof or rooftop systems (up to 10 kW) which the last years are the safest and most effective investment. We provide, undertake the study licensing, material supply, installation and maintenance of the photovoltaic system with ISO by TÜV Hellas.

Industrial Automations

Automations in the industrial field are now the most important prerequisite for competitiveness and performance. We undertake the supply and installation of sensors, gathering of data and parameter analysis on the production process,  remote control and automation of the production operation or a machine function. Also we provide supervision through SCADA, automation updating, modifications and improvements.

Infrared Heating

Study and installation of heating panels. They offer great efficiency and energy saving up to 50% in comparison to conventional heating means (oil, natural gas) and up to 80% in comparison to air-conditions and conventional electrical heating devices. Very simple and safe to install and use.

Ion Heaters

Study, installation and maintenance of ion heater with no need for conversions to the existent heating system.  It offers up to 60% heat saving in comparison to the conventional oil boilers. Low installation cost, zero maintenance cost. Ideal cost-effective heating solution.

Today’s hard times impose thorough thinking of every move, especially in matters of money, effort and time investing. The best professionals are necessary when making such an attempt. We try, with constantly updated education and training, to be always ahead in our field, so that you gain, in terms of quality and money-saving, from every project we undertake.

Solar air heaters

Study and installation of solar air heaters. A new clever way to heat your home. Solar radiation passes through the heater and heats the air that is transferred into your home. It can be used independently as a sole heating source or as complementary and it can be combined with any existing boiler or gas. It offers heating, healthy, fresh and dust-free, moisture and mold-free air.